Dr Disrespect superfan runs a marathon with perfect Doc cosplay

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Instagram: Dr Distance/YouTube: Dr Disrespect

A Dr Disrespect superfan has run a marathon with a near-perfect cosplay of the creator — hilariously calling himself ‘Dr Distance.’ 

Since beginning his live-streaming career in 2010, Dr Disrespect has amassed millions of followers across his social media platforms with almost four million of those subscribed to his YouTube channel where he currently streams and uploads videos.

With his mass following and unique appearance, fans from all around the world have dressed up like the Champions Club founder — even TimTheTatman.

A fan of the two-time champion has taken things to the next level as he’s run a marathon dressed up as Doc, using the moniker ‘Dr Distance.”

Dr Disrespect fan runs a marathon as ‘Dr Distance’

While many people have cosplayed Dr Disrespect over the years, not many have gone as far as Dr Distance, a fan of the two-time that recently ran the Austin Marathon wearing the creator’s signature red vest, mustache, and sunglasses.

The marathon runner’s name and style isn’t the only thing that he’s created to pay tribute to the legendary creator — he’s also created his own catchphrase similar to Doc’s “Two-Time back to back 1993/1994 Blockbuster video game champion.”


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He posted a picture of his cosplay on February 21, with the caption: “The Doc came to play. Yaya. Don’t mess with the 2x back-to-back 1993 / 1994 Chicken Classic 2K Fun Run Finisher and true international distance running superstar…

“The name is  Doctor (Doctor, Doctor…) DISTANCE.”

Dr Distance even shared his marathon progress on Instagram, alongside strategically uploaded photos of his own rendition of Doc’s iconic emoji-style logo.

Dr Distance catch phrase
Instagram: Dr Distance
Dr Distance didn’t just change his name and run a marathon in a doc cosplay — he’s also created his own catchphrase.

Dexerto reached out to Dr Distance, and he revealed what inspired him to create the character.

“More recently I’ve started to consume more BR/Streamer content. I found Doc via the Twitch ban time and became a fan. His character is incredible, and I love that he has [Midnight Society] and an athletic background.

“Dr Distance just seemed like a silly way to combine two of my favorite hobbies and have some fun doing it.”

The cosplayer also revealed that the character and social media design also allows him to use his graphic design skills, as seen with his custom logo and social media banners.

He has yet to reveal when he plans on running another marathon, but if you’re interested in following alongside Dr Distance as he makes his next move — check out his Instagram. 

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