Dr Disrespect reveals streaming income compared to CoD developer salary

Calum Patterson

Top Call of Duty, compared to his earnings now as one of the most popular livestreamers in the world.

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The self-proclaimed face of Twitch has amassed a following of over 3.7 million on the platform, having only started streaming full time in 2016.

However, before this, the Doc worked at Sledgehammer Games, as a developer on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, mainly as a level designer.

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Although he has shown he still has a passion for level design, even creating his own Modern Warfare-style 2v2 map on stream, he has revealed why he won’t be returning to the industry any time soon.

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“When I’m making millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars, just to put on a show, in comparison to $56,000 plus bonus after three years of working on a project and bonus is barely as much as the salary.” Dr Disrespect said.

“The math is just a little different,” he concluded.

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How much does Dr Disrespect make on Twitch?

With an estimated sub count of over 22,000, Dr Disrespect is bringing in around $100,000 a month from subscribers alone, based on around $4.50 per sub (tier 2 and tier 3 subscriptions are worth significantly more, too).

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This is before any donations or ad revenue is considered, and perhaps the most lucrative part of being a big streamer: sponsored streams. Many game developers will pay big money to get their game in front of an audience of millions.

For example, one report suggested that fellow streamer Apex Legends.

NinjaNinja was reportedly paid $1 million to do sponsored streams of Apex Legends.
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Doc also had sponsored streams for Apex Legends, as well as other AAA games like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and recent Call of Duty releases.

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Next up, he will be playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – now being paid to play the game he was previously paid to make.

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