Dr Disrespect reveals why he loves watching Tfue's Twitch stream - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect reveals why he loves watching Tfue’s Twitch stream

Published: 6/May/2019 21:38 Updated: 6/May/2020 10:51

by Eli Becht


Dr Disrespect showed respect to fellow streamer Turner ‘Tfue‘ Tenney by mentioning how he’s one of his favorites to watch on Twitch right now.

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Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect is no stranger to sharing his opinion on things but usually, those revolve around trashing game developers, but this time he actually had something good to say.

Doc’s positive remarks weren’t about a game or its developers, but instead, he focused on Tfue, calling him his favorite streamer on Twitch right now. With all the streamers Doc watches and follows, this could be looked at as an achievement for Tfue.


[ad name=”article2″]Twitch/Dr DisrespectThe Doc has good things to say sometimes.

Doc loves him some Tfue

The Two-Time has had his share of criticisms with Fortnite Battle Royale but he admitted he still enjoys watching Tfue on Twitch, despite Fortnite being his main game.

Doc revealed he enjoys watching Tfue because every time you tune in you’re bound to see some top-tier gameplay and like what you see.

“I love watching Tfue,” he said. “Tfue is one of my favorites to watch right now on Twitch. The skillset, amazing to watch, you just know you’re guaranteed to get something every time.”

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Tfue is one of the top Fortnite players

Tfue has largely made a name for himself by streaming Fortnite. He does have a background from other games, notably H1Z1, but he exploded in popularity with Fortnite.

On any given day you can tune into a Tfue stream and see him commanding more than 100,000 viewers.

His large view count is backed up by his skill as he’s already qualified for the World Cup, and even celebrated on stream.

Now the only question that remains is if Tfue thinks Doc is one of best streams on Twitch.