Tfue's drunk Fortnite World Cup celebration stream shut down by girlfriend Corinna Kopf

Corinna Kopf shut down boyfriend Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s Sunday, April 28 stream when the FaZe Clan member got drunk while celebrating his Fortnite World Cup qualification.

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Kopf and Tenney officially announced their relationship back in March, and the Instagram model has gone on to make a number of appearances in Tfue’s Twitch streams, including an attempt at playing Fortnite Battle Royale, which her pro player boyfriend found hilarious.

After some rowdy celebrations on his April 28 stream, a drunk Tfue was told it was time to go by Kopf, as he slurred his way through some donations and thanked everyone for their support.

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Instagram: corinnakopfKopf and Tfue went public with their relationship back in March.
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Why was Tfue celebrating?

For Tfue, April 28 saw the FaZe Clan member, who is widely considered to be one of the best Fortnite Battle Royale players in the world, seal his place at the Fortnite World Cup in New York City later this year.

After realizing that he would have the opportunity to compete for $30 million in July, Tenney was greeted by his father and other family members who showered him with champagne as he jumped out of his ground-floor window and double-fisted two of the bottles.

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The streamer continued to consume alcoholic beverages throughout the remainder of his Twitch stream, relaxing and having a good time with members of his audience who were ecstatic to see him qualify for the World Cup.

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Corinna Kopf shuts down Tfue’s stream

Eventually, Kopf decided that her clearly drunk boyfriend had celebrated enough, saying: “Chat, he has to go, he’s drunk, let’s go,” while an extremely happy Tenney attempted to read out more donations.

While Kopf and his dad continued to convince him to shut down his broadcast, Tfue gave one last address to his viewers, blowing a kiss to the camera before telling his audience: “I love you guys. Thanks for smoking some beers with me. Thank you subscribing to me and using my code. We qualified for New York, so everything from this point on, we don’t give a fuck. Thank you guys, I’m not even slightly tipsy!”

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While Tfue was convinced that he wasn’t drunk, he wasn’t able to persuade Kopf, who finished the stream by addressing the chat herself, saying: “Oh my fucking God, this guy’s a fucking shitshow. Look at this pussy-ass lightweight, get off the screen. Hang up!”

For Tfue, his focus can now turn to the Fortnite World Cup, with the pressure of securing a place at the finals in one of the seven remaining qualifier tournaments now lifted.

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The Fortnite World Cup finals take place in New York City from July 26 – 28, with a massive $30 million prize pool for those who manage to qualify for the tournament.