Tilted Towers finally destroyed in Loot Lake rune event, Drum Gun unvaulted

Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale’s much-anticipated Rune event concluded with the destruction of Retail Row and Tilted Towers, along with players voting for the return of a previous vaulted weapon – the Drum Gun.

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The event kicked off with the Loot Lake bunker opening up and allowing players to jump in. Once they did that they were able to beat on one of six different runes which would end up bringing the Drum Gun back into the game.

Once the voting was finished players were teleported back into the regular map where they got to watch the volcano lay waste to popular points of interest.

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Titled Towers and Retail Row decimated

The volcano erupted and sent projectiles towards Retail Row first, completely laying waste to it. Now when you load in you’ll see it’s a complete shell of itself.

For those who were waiting on Epic to destroy Tilted Towers, that was also done as pretty much nothing remains of the once bustling location.

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Both of these locations were very popular drop spots so it’ll be interesting to see how this event affects the World Cup qualifiers.

However, players doing their qualifier matches might have something more deadly to look forward to.

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For better or worse, the Drum Gun is back.

Players bring back the Drum Gun

The return of the Drum Gun was voted on by players for a return, but that doesn’t mean that everyone was happy with the decision. which was a very controversial move.

When the Drum Gun was first introduced into the game it was deemed to be too powerful and was removed (or ‘vaulted’).

Epic Games announced the Drum Gun will not appear in this weekend’s qualifiers but it sounds like we can expect to see it next week.

With its return, it’s likely the meta could shift again and that could have major consequences moving forward.