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Dr Disrespect reveals his favorite streamers and why summit1g is “top”

Published: 2/Jan/2020 12:47 Updated: 3/Jan/2020 10:10

by David Purcell


Dr Disrespect scooped the award for Streamer of the Year at the official Esports awards 2019, but when asked by fans during his first stream of the New Year, he had another personality in mind for the accolade – summit. 

The self-proclaimed best video gamer in the world has spent the last year improving his production value and trying out a number of different games to grow his channel’s following – or as he calls them, members of his Champions Club.

His entertaining streams have been recognized not just in awards ceremonies but by many fellow streamers on Twitch during the course of the last year. Although, given the choice, he revealed during a January 1 broadcast that he actually wouldn’t pick himself for streamer of the year.


Respawn EntertainmentDr Disrespect has worked with some of the biggest streamers in the world, but who was his favorite in 2019?
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At first, it appeared that the Two-Time blockbuster video game champion was going to reveal his favorite three streamers. However, he said he needed to think a little more about second and third place, with one name standing out for the top spot.

Doc admitted that his decision was chiefly made on the basis that he wouldn’t like to sit down and watch his own streams back, but if he had to pick somebody else, it would be Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar.

“In my opinion for 2019, [if I had to choose] my personal top streamer to watch – because obviously watching my own vods probably comes off weird and selfish, you know, especially if Mrs. Assassin comes in and I’m watching a video of myself every single night, it would just be weird,” he said. “The number one would be summit.”


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Dr Disrespect gave honorable mentions to Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar, and Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, but went on to explain his decision to pick summit over them.

“Summit1g for me. The reason why? He’s just got a great blend of everything you can get from a streamer, in terms of energy levels, his gameplay is obviously high level, and number three – and I think this is an important one,” he said. “He popularized a variety of games that weren’t, I don’t know, that popular. Let’s be honest.”

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A great example of that would be Sea of Thieves, a pirate game released on Xbox and available on PC platform too, where the streamer was drawing around 80,000 viewers to sail around the high seas – not to mention the GTA RP craze he helped contribute towards on Twitch.


Whether or not summit1g will go on to scoop an award for streamer of the year next time around remains to be seen, yet the levels of success he’s achieving on the platform is highly commendable. So much so that we included him in our Top 10 streamers of the decade list, and clearly Dr Disrespect is also a huge fan of his work.