xQc freaks out after dying to “invincible” Escape From Tarkov enemy

. 3 years ago

Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel wasn’t able to control his frustration when his return to Escape From Tarkov saw him encounter an enemy he just couldn’t kill, before he found himself down-and-out at the hands of the bullet-absorbing opponent.

Escape From Tarkov is an ultra-tactical first-person shooter that has captured the imaginations of streamers since its 2016 release, with creators like Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek and Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar known fans, while Dr Disrespect explained why he’s been loving the game since trying it out for himself.

With more and more streamers testing their mettle on the FPS, it’s no surprise that xQc has decided to try it again as part of his popular variety streams, and the Canadian’s quick temper was on full show for all to see as he struggled his way through a tough level with a seemingly invincible enemy.

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Escape From Tarkov is popular among streamers.

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While playing the game, xQc found himself moving through a building, climbing up a flight of stairs to encounter an opponent, sitting at the top beside a pair of opened double doors, seemingly camping out the spot in preparation for a run-in with the 24-year-old.

Wasting little time, the streamer started peppering the enemy with bullets from his silenced sub-machine gun, missing a few but appearing to connect a number of times as he moved up-and-down the stairs to make himself harder to hit in return. None of this seemed to work though, and as he bolted for the door, xQc’s character fell to the ground, killed by an enemy he believed he should have already taken out, prompting a classic rage.

“F**k!” he screamed in frustration. “F**k, no, no, no! He’s invincible! What is that? He’s f**king invincible! He’s a f**king walker Terminator my dude. He’s the Terminator with the thing. I’m done, I’ve had enough of this.”

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Of course, xQc’s fury didn’t last long, and neither did his cry that he was finished with the game, immediately backtracking and explaining he was having another go.

In fact, the Canadian played for another 45 minutes before eventually switching to CS:GO, so it’s likely that xQc’s journey with Escape From Tarkov isn’t over yet, and that almost definitely means we’ll see more classic rants from the streamer in the future.

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