Dr Disrespect reacts to boxing match offer from iDubbbz

Virginia Glaze
YouTube: iDubbbz / Instagram: drdisrespect

The two-time Blockbuster video game champion, Dr Disrespect, has been called out by fellow content creator iDubbbz for a potential boxing match after his proposed fight with RiceGum fell through.

Dr Disrespect  — the internet’s epitome of violence, speed, and momentum — isn’t a figure to be trifled with. However, he’s just been challenged to a boxing match from a completely unexpected figure.

Popular YouTuber iDubbbz, a long-term presence on the platform, has been sorting out a bout with fellow YouTuber RiceGum since 2018. Unfortunately, life seems to have gotten in the way of this grudge match.

In 2021, iDubbbz made greater efforts to officially throw down with his storied rival, claiming he’d traveled around the US and even received laser eye surgery, should he receive a head injury.

ricegum challenged to boxing match by idubbbzYouTube: Ricegum
Ricegum’s feud with iDubbbz has been brewing for years amid his other feuds with such influencers as KSI and more.

Ricegum rejects iDubbbz boxing match request

Unfortunately, Ricegum has shut down any possibility of a fight with iDubbbz.

In a statement given to Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR, Ricegum claimed he was not interested in boxing the YouTuber.

“I thought iDubbbz would grow up and be more mature, but he’s on the same childish energy, still making YouTube videos,” he said.

ricegum reply to idubbbzYouTube: DramaAlert
A portion of Ricegum’s response to iDubbbz’s boxing callout, provided to Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR.

iDubbbz calls out Dr Disrespect for possible boxing match

That being said, Ricegum isn’t the only influencer iDubbbz is down to fight.

The YouTuber actually named Dr Disrespect on his list of content creator’s he’d be willing to box, joking that he’d “break his little scrawny legs in half.”

“He will get absolutely destroyed by me!” he said.

(Topic begins at 5:34)

A fan caught wind of this challenge and made it known to the two-time, who was busy streaming on YouTube.

Doc read the message out loud and appeared to be thoroughly confused by the challenge — or, more accurately, unaware who iDubbbz was.

“iDubbbz called you out Doc to a boxing match, he mentioned something about breaking your legs in half,” Doc read out from the chat, before looking around in a confused manner.


Although he didn’t make any mention of the exchange again in his stream, this certainly comes as an unexpected development for fans of the Blockbuster video game champion who has yet to step inside the ring against another influencer.