Twitch streamer can’t believe what’s happened to ASMR category after long hiatus - Dexerto

Twitch streamer can’t believe what’s happened to ASMR category after long hiatus

Published: 20/Aug/2021 18:21 Updated: 20/Aug/2021 18:25

by Shay Robson


The controversial Twitch “meta” has shifted quite a bit in recent times, and long-time streamer ‘MrMoonsHouse’ reveals he’s in disbelief over Twitch’s new ASMR meta after his return to the platform.

In June, the Twitch meta once again shifted – this time from the controversial hot tubs and pools to the ASMR category, which opened the eyes of many to a whole new world of content.

Despite many believing the controversial sexually suggestive hot tub streams couldn’t get any worse, many Twitch viewers are even more disappointed with the ASMR meta, as the sexually suggestive content has continued.


While Twitch did decide to take action and ban some streamers, it wasn’t enough for some.

Amouranth ASMR Meta Twitch
Twitch / Amouranth
Twitch took action against some creators for their ASMR content, but many believe it’s too little, too late.

It’s not only viewers who are disappointed with Twitch, though. Long-time partnered Twitch streamer MrMoonsHouse, who began streaming in 2015, gave his thoughts on the situation… and unsurprisingly, they weren’t positive.

In MrMoonsHouse’s return to Twitch yesterday for the first time in over 9 months, the streamer revealed he was “in awe” with what he was seeing in the ASMR category.

“It blew my mind, I was like looking at in awe, like woah, wait a minute, really? What the f**k man, like holy sh*t, holy sh*t is all I can say,” he exclaimed.


“Twitch briefly became an adult site while you were gone,” said a viewer in chat.

“What do you mean briefly? This sh*ts happening right now,” he responded.

For his first time back on the platform in 9 months, the ASMR category certainly hasn’t set the best example of what to expect on the platform.

During MrMoonHouse’s hiatus, a lot had changed on Twitch, but his reaction to what’s currently going on goes to show how much the platform has changed from a gaming site.