Dr Disrespect reacts to Fortnite finally getting ‘deleted’

Albert Petrosyan

There’s been a lot of fanfare surrounding Fortnite Battle Royale possibly getting ‘deleted’ prior to the launch of Season 11/Chapter 2, and no one is happier about it than Twitch superstar Dr Disrespect.

There may not be another prominent content creator in the online gaming world who has trashed Fortnite more than the notorious Dr Disrespect.

Over the years, the Two-Time has made his opinion on the iconic battle royale crystal clear, calling it too childish and not serious enough, and going as far as to uninstall it on countless occasions.

Now with Fortnite having apparently been ‘deleted,’ although not really, he couldn’t shy away from the opportunity to take another swing at the game. 

“Fortnite is gone,” he tweeted, attaching a GIF of himself cheering. “I couldn’t be more happier. Demonized children will turn back to normal 8th graders. The gaming industry will get back to quality soulful development. No more overhyped phoniness.”

The “Fortnite is gone” line is in reference to the shell-shocking ‘The End’ event that took place in-game on October 13, meant to be the transition between Seasons 10 and 11.

Instead, following the event, the game went completely dark, and in more ways than one. Not only was it reduced to nothing but a black screen and a mysterious blue circle floating in the middle, but the official Fortnite Twitter page deleted all of its tweets, the game was taken off of Epic Games’ website, and even the category was temporarily disabled on Twitch.

Now, as much as the Doc might wish it to not be so, even he knows that this is just a giant ruse from Epic to keep everyone talking about their game.

There is zero doubt that Fortnite will return at some point with a massive bang, putting seemingly the entire online gaming word under its spell again.

The only question that remains is what will be featured in the game once it does return, and the addition of a brand new map has already been confirmed, considering all of the leaks as well as the current map having already been destroyed in spectacular fashion