Fortnite The End event destroys map & ends Season 10: highlights & recap

Epic Games

After days of high anticipation, ‘The End’ event has finally taken place in Fortnite Battle Royale, closing the book on Season 10 and marking the launch of Season 11, also known as Chapter 2.

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One would be hard-pressed to find a time when the Fortnite community was more excited about something that they were for The End event.

With all of the leaks, speculation, and rumors flying around way before Epic Games even released the first official teasers, the player-base was more than hyped for what the developers had in store for them come October 13.

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Well, at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET, the event finally kicked off, lasting approximately three minutes, making it one of the longer in-game spectacles in Fortnite history.

The full footage of the event can be found below, courtesy of Fortnite news outlet @LootLakeBR.

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Unfortunately, due to the extremely high number of people trying to queue into the game and watch the event live, there were many who were unable to and were stuck in the pre-game lobby.

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However, it appears that Epic foresaw this as a possibility and came up with a contingency plan, as those who couldn’t queue in got to experience their own version of the event, with everything in the lobby getting sucked into the same mysterious darkness. 

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As for the event itself, all of the playlists and modes were disabled except for one: “The End.” Players who manage to get into the event witnessed the countdown timer above Dusty Depot reach zero, which prompted several rifts to open up in the sky and spew out bright blue rockets.

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The rockets then flew around the map, colliding with various things, before they all came together and smashed into the meteor, causing it to vanish from the map.

After a short period of stillness and silence, a massive rift opened up in the sky again, this time releasing the meteor and all of the rockets at once, which ended up slamming into the heart of the island and causing everyone to be launched into the sky.

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Once all of the players were floating well above the island, a massive black hole appeared where the meteor had struck, which started sucking everything into a single point of energy that ultimately transformed into a mysterious circle floating in the middle of complete darkness. 

Epic GamesThis mysterious circle was all that was left after the Fortnite map was destroyed in The End.
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What comes next?

The End event caused Fortnite to go completely dark, and in more ways than one. Aside from the game being nothing more than just a black screen with a floating circle, its official social media pages also went dark, and it was even taken off of Epic Games’ official website. 

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This led some to believe that Epic had simply deleted the game, which technically they did, although the prospect of Fortnite being gone forever seems pretty impossible.

This is even more so true when considering that what everyone believes to be the new map was leaked several days prior, along with a list of all of the new locations that will be on it.

The only thing everyone can do is just wait and see when the popular battle royale will be brought back to life, and what lays in store for them once it was. 

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