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Dr Disrespect wants to talk “next steps” with esports insider Jake Lucky

Published: 18/Dec/2021 22:31 Updated: 23/Dec/2021 12:19

by Alan Bernal


Dr Disrespect offered Jake Lucky a chance to talk about the ‘next steps’ of his career after the Esports Talk host announced an abrupt departure from the outlet.

On December 17, the charismatic online figure, Lucky, said he would no longer be a part of the news brand he helped grow to prominence within the esports industry. While the development baffled spectators, the Doc used the moment to seize an opportunity.

“Either you can talk to all these generic wannabe streamers or we can talk about next steps,” Doc told Lucky. “Your call.”

As with all things related to the Two-Time these days, the YouTuber was cryptic in his public proposition to the former Esports Talk lead.


This has confused, but mostly intrigued, on-lookers who can only imagine what a potential collaboration between the two would look like.

“Imagine an esports news show produced by [Dr Disrespect] and headlined by Jake with the kinda production value at Doc’s disposal,” one person said on Twitter.

For years, the Two-Time has had running jokes on his streams about the mysterious ‘sources’ that call his flip phone to dish about a major development or other insider information.

Jake Lucky Esports talk
Christopher DeVargas / Las Vegas Weekly
Dr Disrespect suggested he would be open to collaborating with Jake Lucky soon after a sudden departure from Esports Talk.

These bits are designed as small quips to give the fictitious Doc character an opportunity to give takes on real-life situations. It’s unclear what Guy Beahm may have in store, but there’s at least a precedent in his brand that fits someone with Lucky’s reputation.


Since his mysterious ban on Twitch, Dr Disrespect has been making moves outside of the regularly scheduled brand of content his channel is known for.

He has been steadily expanding his reach outside of YouTube and is preparing to tackle the battle royale landscape with a new game studio.