Dr Disrespect inspires YouTuber to break out insane 80s guitar solo

an image of dr disrespectDr Disrespect, YouTube: Ahmad Sleeq

A talented fan of Dr Disrespect has left YouTubers stunned by their guitar skills, after uploading a solo inspired by The Two Time champion himself.

Dr Disrespect has a loyal legion of fans tuning in for his streams, with The Doc’s recent offerings laying down his thoughts on the first trailer for Modern Warfare 2. With an infectious personality and an unbreakable will for success, this has inspired YouTuber and guitarist Ahmad Sleeq to pay tribute to The Doc.

However, this isn’t an ordinary thank you to Dr Disrespect as Sleeq has uploaded a face-melting guitar solo to his channel, inspired by his 80s aesthetic.

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Dr Disrespect streaming in front of screenYouTube/Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect’s image is heavily influenced by 80s action heroes and synthwave music.

YouTuber shares 80s style guitar solo inspired by Dr Disrespect

Captioned ‘POV: The Two Times Inspires you to rip out an 80s solo while he streams in the background’, the video showcases Sleeq’s sensational soloing skills over an 80s backing track. In the background, The Doc can be seen playing Fortnite ahead of his $100,000 tournament.

Sleeq included a straightforward description, simply stating: “Dr. Disrespect, love you man.”

The style of the track itself is akin to that of 80s glam rock bands such as Europe and wouldn’t be out of place in one of The Doc’s own tracks.

Dr Disrespect teased new music earlier this year, debuting a few snippets of an unreleased track to fans during a YouTube stream. The scintillating preview got fans excited, especially as The Doc announced a full-length LP shortly after.

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With Sleeq declaring himself a fan of “80s music fun and everything guitar related” in his YouTube bio, it’d be a whirlwind combination if fate brought the pair together. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out.