When will Dr Disrespect return to Twitch after E3 bathroom ban?

Matt Porter

Fans of popular streamer Dr Disrespect are crying out for his return to Twitch, but when does The Doc’s ban from the platform expire? Here’s everything we know.

A quick search for The Doc on Twitter shows hundreds of fans pining for the restoration of the Champions Club leader’s channel, but official information on his return has been scarce.

The Doc posted a special recap video of his trip to E3 on June 15, but the only mention of the bathroom escapades that saw his channel banned was a clip taken from his stream that showed him entering the men’s room and ducking into a cubicle. When can we expect to see the triumphant return of TwitchDocTV?

Twitch: DrDisrespectThe Doc has been missing from Twitch for over a week.

How long is Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban?

For fans of the streamer, the bad news is that there has been no official word from either Dr Disrespect or Twitch in regards to how long his suspension from the site will last.

The ban originally came into effect on Tuesday, June 11, and with The Doc’s channel still unavailable eight days later on June 19, it seems likely that he has received at least a two week ban, and could possibly be as long as 30 days.

According to a comment made by a fan, TSM streamer Colton ‘Viss’ Visser claims that the ban is indeed a 30 day suspension on stream, although the clip no longer appears to be available.

It’s also possible that it is a permanent ban from the site for breaching the service’s Community Guidelines, however this seems unlikely as this is the first time Dr Disrespect has been punished by the Amazon-owned service.

Dexerto have reached out to both Dr Disrespect and Twitch for confirmation on the length of the ban.

When will The Doc be unbanned?

Should The Doc’s suspension last for two weeks, it’s expected that he would make his return to the site on June 26, which would be 14 full days following his punishment.

If he’s been banned for 30 days though, viewers eager to see “Violence, speed and momentum” back on Twitch will have to wait until mid-July, with a probable return date of July 10. 

youtube:drdisrespectFans may not see “The two-time” until July.

Why was Dr Disrespect banned on Twitch?

The leader of the Champions Club was banned after performing an IRL stream at the E3 Expo, in which he and his camera man entered the men’s bathroom on a number of occasions during the broadcast. Many members of the online community have spoken out about his actions, with plenty supporting his but also backing Twitch’s move to suspend him. 

Popular YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is perhaps the biggest name to speak about the ban. The Swede stated that it wasn’t as big as a deal as others were making out as the intention wasn’t to film anybody else, but to only follow the streamer. 

The Doc also had his attendance at E3 cut short by the organizers themselves, who revoked his badge, rendering him unable to return to the convention center. 

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