Dr Disrespect destroys viewer who roasts his CSGO gameplay

Twitch: drdisrespect / Valve

Dr Disrespect is the leader of the Champions Club, but that doesn’t mean his own viewers are safe from his quick wit and sharp tongue if they decide to take shots at his gameplay, as one donator found out while watching him play CS:GO.

While taking part in a special set of challenges with fellow streamer Jack ‘CouRageJD’ Dunlop, the pair decided to hop on legendary first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, adding a win on the game to the list of goals they wanted to accomplish.

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With victory on their mind, the duo hopped into Deathmatch to practice their shots in preparation for their Wingman exploits, when one viewer used the donation tool to send a message to The Doc.

YouTube: G FUELThe Two-Time Champion wasn’t pleased when a donator criticized his gameplay.

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With the game mode just loading up, Dr Disrespect quickly checked his donations, spotting a $3 donation from a viewer, reading it aloud for his chat to hear: “Sorry a** gameplay.”

Clearly not amused by the comment, The Doc immediately snapped back in typical fashion: “Oh yeah? Why don’t you check your parent’s bank account, and then check your account. You know the difference? Is that you’ve got nothing in yours because they hate you!”

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CouRage immediately broke down, bursting into fits of giggles, muttering “Holy sh*t Doc,” as he tried to regain his composure, clearly caught off guard by Dr Disrespect’s brutal response to the player.

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Of course, The Doc’s silver tongue is all part of the extraordinary character he has created during his time on Twitch, and while he’s usually aiming it at teammates or fellow streamers, he’s certainly not afraid to cultivate some laughs at the expense of his viewers if the opportunity presents itself.

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Dr Disrespect and CouRageJD’s spell on CS:GO did eventually end in a victory, but it wasn’t without its hilarious moments, with the pair left in hysterics after fumbling their way around Overpass, flashing themselves repeatedly.

While the duo may have won a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match eventually, The Doc’s aim on the game certainly isn’t as sharp as his tongue when people disrespect his gameplay.

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