Dr Disrespect debuts new song about opponents “peeking” and it’s a banger

Twitch: Dr Disrespect / PUBG Corp.

Twitch megastar Dr Disrespect debuted a new song during his January 10 broadcast and it’s a banger, proving that the Two-Time champion is the ultimate entertainer.

Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, as his 80s action hero persona and movie level quality production puts him on a whole other level from his peers.

Proving this further, he debuted a new song during his Escape from Tarkov broadcast where he sings about his opponents peeking a few too many times to their demise – and it’s actually extremely catchy.

YouTube: G FUELThe Two-Time champion is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

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Dr Disrespect debuts new song

The streamer was in the middle of playing Tarkov when he decided to treat his viewers to a new song that he collaborated on with Danish recording artist Wice, and it’s all about “peeking” – AKA when an enemy pokes their head out of cover to try and shoot you, or to see where you’re at.

The 80s synthwave style track features Doc’s vocals, as he recites his iconic speeches, before hilariously singing “I know you want to try. I know you gonna die if you peek twice!”

After the stream, a full version of the track was uploaded to the musician’s Soundcloud account, which Doc tweeted out for his fans to enjoy. The song’s official title is appropriately named “Peek Once Peek Twice.”

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This isn’t the first time the Two-Time has showed off his musical chops. While he’s been known to belt out some tunes during his streams, he collaborated with Jason Folks ‘J+1’ to make power ballad “Give ‘Em The Love” in August 2019.

Hilariously, the track featured audio from one of Doc’s broadcasts with fellow streamer Nick ‘Halifax’, where he sang a tune for stream snipers that try to ruin matches.

The popular Twitch personality also created a song in December about streamers going over to Mixer, where he sang “Come over to Mixer, and stream with all of us. We’re happy, we’re friendly!”

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With another song in his ever expanding catalog, perhaps Dr Disrespect will one day consider putting out an album or EP, given how catchy his latest track is.

The streamer had an incredible year in 2019, winning Esports Awards Streamer of the Year, and signing a TV deal with The Walking Dead creators to make a show about his character, showing that he has certainly been living up to his moniker.