Dr Disrespect crashes WWE SmackDown show in full costume


The preview show for WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown was treated to a “surprise” appearance from Twitch star Dr Disrespect, who appeared in his full costume, no less.

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Very few online entertainers are as dedicated to their craft as Dr Disrespect, who wears his iconic outfit so much, some may even consider him a method actor at this point.

Rarely has he ever been seen without his jet black wig, steely sunglasses, gaming headset, and bright red vest, whether it be on his stream or public appearances. 

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That held true on October 4 as well, when he suddenly appeared on camera while two WWE hosts were conducted a preview show for the October 4 session of Friday Night SmackDown.

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While the hosts were going through the motions of the broadcast, they were suddenly engulfed in the menacing shadow of the Doc, who had casually walked into view as if he owned the place. 

WWEThe Doc surprised the WWE preview show hosts with his unexpected appearance.
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“I’m looking for someone,” he growled, when the befuddled hosts inquired about what he was doing there.

When asked if he was indeed the Doc, the Two-Time responded in his usual manner – casual, confident, and even a touch of arrogance: “Yeah, the back-to-back, two-time video game champion.” 

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Before anyone could say anything else, he strutted off after whoever he was “looking for,” leaving the two on camera as confused as ever. However, after a few moments, they began to marvel at what had just transpired.

“He’s very tall, very intimidating. I don’t want to be the person that he’s looking for. Wow, that was actually awesome. You sure he was looking for us?”

Segment begins at 8:05 mark for mobile users.

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While this little skit was played out very comically, it was obviously not a random incident that the Doc just happened to appear on the preview show.

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He later tweeted a picture of himself standing next to the WWE logo, captioned #SmackDown, confirming that he was indeed involved with the popular wrestling entertainment company in some capacity.

After seeing the clip, and the tweet, there was really only one question that fans were probably asking – would the Two-Time actually actually appear on the SmackDown main event? 

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Of course, this isn’t the first time that the Blockbuster champion has made an appearance on the broadcast of a sporting event in full costume. 

During the 2019 NBA Finals in June, he was spotted on the live broadcast of game two of the series, wearing his customary wig, glasses, headset, and vest, along with a blue Warriors scarf to celebrate his favorite team. 

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At this point, maybe everyone should just expect this to become a normality, because let’s face it, when is the Doc ever really going to take his costume off?