Dr Disrespect’s “cousin” trolls his infamous bathroom ban at TwitchCon

Team Liquid - Twitter / Dr Disrespect - Twitch

Twitch superstar Guy ‘Dr Disrespect‘ Beahm’s notorious “bathroom ban” from E3 was the subject of some trolling in a hilarious skit put together by fellow streamer ‘PaladinAmber’ at the recently concluded TwitchCon event in San Diego.

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While Dr Disrespect may be known for a lot of things, one less-than-desirable event in his career that he’ll never be able to shed is the two-week ban he received from Twitch after livestreaming from a public bathroom at the E3 gaming convention in June.

The suspension sparked an onslaught of debate and memes about the controversial event, with even the Two-Time throwing jabs at himself about the ridiculous situation.

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The infamous ban was once again brought up recently, this time during TwitchCon 2019, as part of a larger parody video about the two-time Blockbuster champion.

Team Liquid’s PaladinAmber, fitted with a fake mustache and a pair of dark sunglasses, posed as the Doc’s “second cousin, twice removed,” and went around the event attempting to show respect towards everyone.

Team Liquid - TwitterPaladinAmber, posing as Doc’s distant cousin, poked fun at the Two-Time’s bathroom ban.
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She started the skit off right away by removing her large sunglasses, saying it wasn’t respectful to wear them indoors. 

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“Welcome to the 2019 TwitchCon,” she said. “Excuse me a moment, it’s not respectful to wear sunglasses inside. I’ve decided, that last year, my second cousin twice removed, Dr Disrespect, did not uphold the family name. So here I am, to respect you, your consent to filming, and everything in between. So shall we go and be respectful to everyone?”

At this point, she could be seen walking over to a public restroom, but turned around and stopped any of the cameraman from following her inside – a clear tip of the cap to what the Doc did not do at E3, which eventually landed him the well-documented ban.

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The rest of the video maintained the same satirical theme, as she went around the venue and talked to some attendees, doing things like “air hugs” and “air high-fives” to make sure that everyone she encountered was treated with an overwhelming amount of respect,

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Despite being tagged numerous times in the post, the Two-Time hasn’t got around to responding to it yet.

However, it appears that the ship sailed much smoother for him at this event than at E3, as all of his meet-and-greets and appearances at TwitchCon 2019 seem to have gone very successfully.

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