Dr Disrespect brings back Gillette song and forgets the words

Dr Disrespect playing WarzoneYouTube: Dr Disrespect

Popular streaming personality Dr Disrespect created his own version of a song in 2017 called “Gillette.” He brought this now-iconic record back during his YouTube stream on October 3, but amusingly forgot the lyrics while singing along.

Many know Dr Disrespect for his hilarious content and FPS skills, alongside his community events, such as the upcoming Halloween Doctober contest. But what most don’t know is he’s also a musical artist and singer at heart.

Dr Disrespect created a single song called “Gillette” in 2017. This was a mix of the streamer singing along to Gillette’s popular 1989 commercial, “The Best a Man Can Get.” The content creator’s version of the song gained massive traction, now boasting more than 38 million views on Spotify.

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He recently surprised his viewers with a short, but imperfect, live performance of his hit song. Something we rarely see from the Doc, as he toils away behind the scenes on his very own album.

Dr. Disrespect butchers the words to his own song

While preparing his stream, Dr. Disrespect suddenly played his hit release Gillette. The music amped up, and the streaming personality preparing himself to perform the song live for his loving fans.

“Gillette!” he passionately sang, smiling during the pauses between the music.

“The best a man can get! Gi-AUL,” Dr. Disrespect stumbled on his words, clearly having messed up the lyrics.

“I know the words, alright? I f**king know the words.”

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He continued, finishing up his performance, and then asked his stream: “so tell me about my mic. Is it too loud?”

Dr Disrespect took another jab at performing the song live at the 16:34 mark in the video. The majority of this second ‘performance’ was spent simply jamming to the song while it plays in the background.

Though Dr Disrespect may not use the song as frequently anymore, fans loved to see the song make a return, despite how brief and fleeting the return was.