Dr Disrespect announces first full album is in the works after teasing new track

Dr Disrespect at the Warriors NBA gameInstagram: DrDisrespect

Internet sensation Dr Disrespect subtly let slip that he has a full-length album on the way after teasing a new track during his latest YouTube stream.

Whether you’re a devoted member of the Champions Club or a casual viewer, no one can deny Dr Disrespect takes the value of his production seriously. From immersive scenes around his ‘Arena’ to custom transitions fitting the game in focus, few do it quite like the famous YouTube streamer.

Sometimes, this pursuit of innovation on-stream has even led to the Doc creating his very own music. From his popular ‘Gillette’ hit to ‘Alleyways’ and ‘Red Skies,’ his original tracks have led to millions of plays in recent years.

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Now looking to double down and capitalize on the success, Dr Disrespect appears to be working on a full-length album. While it may still be early days yet, the two-time let slip some early details during his latest broadcast.

DrDisRespectInstagram: DrDisrespect
Dr Disrespect could soon be the first streamer to have their own book, TV show, liquor, and full-length album.

Just weeks ago Doc premiered an unfinished song in the middle of his February 17 stream. While this particular track remains a “work in progress” for now, he played an updated version on March 30 for those tuned in live.

“You’ve got a new copy?” Doc asked someone on the other end of his flip phone call. “It’s still rough? You want me to play it right now, if the song’s not complete, we haven’t even done the harmonies yet?”

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Naturally, he couldn’t resist and the full track soon played out. The next single appears to be a collaboration with a producer by the name of Volkor X, one that incorporates Doc’s vocals over a remix of the Main Theme from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

Though shortly after previewing this new song, Dr Disrespect subtly teased a much bigger project in the works. “Champs, I’ve got a busy life,” he said.

“Between the album, the bourbon, the soon-to-be $100M+ gaming studio, the animation show, I’ve got a lot going on.”

While we’ve known about the bourbon for a while now, Midnight Society is already putting plans in motion for its first game, and Doc’s TV show has been in the pipeline since 2019, the tease of an album seems to be brand new.

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Doc previews his new song and teases the album at 0:35:05 below.

Given the fact it’s still early days, it’s too early to tell when the album may arrive, nor how many original songs it may feature.

We’ll have to wait and see what else Doc has in store, but rest assured, we’re likely to hear plenty of early snippets on stream in the weeks and months to come.