Dr DisRespect meets hilarious stream sniper on PUBG

David Purcell

Dr DisRespect was surprised to find that not all stream snipers are trouble makers after a hilarious confrontation in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. 

The popular Twitch star, who does a mean stream sniper impression, was more than happy to engage after he spotted one harmless player that was clearly watching his stream. 

After bobbling from side to side, the stream sniper jumped on top of a nearby car and just squatted – waiting for something to happen. 

As Dr DisRespect approached, he started to play his go-to song ‘Gillette (The Best A Man Can Get)’ and the player’s reaction was just brilliant. 

In the squatted position, with his bright red hat on, the stream sniper flicked his head from side to side to dance to the music. The Doc walked away from the situation completely unharmed, with a big smile on his face and called it a “classic”. 

He’s certainly right about that. 

This is a refreshing take on stream snipers, who are often all tarred with the same brush by streamers – and their fans alike – as having a negative impact on games. 

It doesn’t just happen in PUBG, of course. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has recently hit out at stream snipers on Fortnite and called for developer Epic Games to put an end to it.

“Listen man, If there’s anyone who can come up with a creative way to counteract stream sniping, it’s Epic,” Ninja said. “I don’t know, just something they can put in the game that just punishes people for doing it. I don’t know, some way to detect it.” 

It’s a shame that all stream snipers aren’t like the one who danced for The Doc.