Dr DisRespect has vulgar stream sniper join his game and ambush Blackout stream - Dexerto
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Dr DisRespect has vulgar stream sniper join his game and ambush Blackout stream

Published: 22/Nov/2018 20:49

by Calum Patterson


Popular Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect is no stranger to ‘stream snipers’, but it was probably a first for even him when one managed to get directly into his game lobby while playing Blackout.

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Typically, stream snipers hunt down popular streamers while they are mid game, aiming to eliminate them, be vulgar over proximity chat or otherwise just be a general nuisance.

There is no proximity chat in Black Ops 4’s Blackout however, meaning stream snipers are limited (usually) to just hoping to luckily land in the same match and take out said streamer.

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But, that didn’t stop one very determined stream sniper from somehow finding their way directly into the Doc’s game lobby, before he had even entered a match.


It is possible to find your way into the lobby of any player using modified equipment, or the player may have found the Doc through the recent players section of the social tab.

Whatever the method, the player entered Dr DisRespect’s lobby, and proceed to spew out numerous expletives, loudly for the Doc’s massive audience to hear.

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Clearly confused by what was going on initially, Dr Disrespect simply left his own lobby as fast as possible, before the player said anything potentially bannable on Twitch (although typically in instances like these, blame isn’t placed on the streamer, as long as they make an attempt to stop it or mute their audio).


Even after leaving the lobby however, the stream sniper remained in Dr DisRespect’s in-game party, meaning he had to manually kick them, after first reporting and blocking them.

It is perhaps an issue which developer’s Treyarch will be looking into, as the problem appears to persist on both PlayStation 4 and PC, where players are somehow able to find their way into any lobby, even without an invite and the with the lobby set to private, and even the player limit set.

Numerous pro CoD players have also faced a similar problem of random players entering their lobbies while streaming, with the players either ruining practice or similarly blurting out expletives in the knowledge that these players are streaming.