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Dr DisRespect’s Incredible Impression of the Average Stream Sniper in PUBG

Published: 15/Aug/2018 15:18

by Calum Patterson


For any popular streamer, the plague of ‘stream snipers’ in multiplayer games is simply par for the course, but Dr DisRespect gets it worse than most – and has a unique way of dealing with them.

Stream snipers are just other players in the game, who tactfully attempt to get into the same match as their favorite streamer, either just for the thrill of it or, more often, to do their very best to frustrate them.

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While playing PUBG, the Doc’s game of choice, stream snipers often attempt to antagonise him by following him around in lobbies, but he has plenty of experience dealing with them.


Utilising his many voices, he does an excellent impression of how imagines the average stream sniper talks when spending their time chasing the Doc around.

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Not too long ago, Dr DisRespect and fellow PUBG streamer Shroud ran into a different breed of stream snipers though, ones which sang a song to them rather than hunt them down in game.

Shroud himself is known for being swamped by stream snipers, but given his skill in game it’s never usually too much of a hassle to simply take them out.

Dr DisRespect is somewhat less patient though, and his outbursts against them probably contribute to just how many swarm him during every stream.


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And it’s not just PUBG streamers that suffer. Pro Fortnite player and FaZe Clan member Turner “Tfue” Tenney actually called for stream snipers to be banned from the game.

Twitch itself has a policy against streamers purposefully going hunting for other streamers, and it will ban streamers who are found in breach of this rule.

And it is actually a punishable offense to stream snipe in PUBG too, but it is very difficult to impose a ruling on random players who are searching for games in the hope of landing in the same lobby as a big name streamer, so the Doc and others simply have to put up with them.