Does Love Island Australia do Casa Amor?

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Casa Amor is Love Island’s most anticipated twist, introducing a whole new cast of bombshells to test couples in the villa. But does Love Island Australia do Casa Amor? Here’s everything to know.

Love Island is one of the most popular reality dating shows on TV, with multiple seasons across a range of different countries.

Contestants will enter a villa in which they attempt to find love, but there are plenty of challenges along the way.

One of those challenges is the hugely popular twist, Casa Amor. First introduced in series 3 of Love Island UK, Casa Amor sees the boys and girls split, with one group remaining in the villa, and another going to a separate villa dubbed ‘Casa Amor.’

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Each group will meet a selection of new bombshells, and while some islanders may stay loyal to their original couples, others will turn their heads, leading to inevitable drama.

Love Island Australia is one version of the show fans love, but do they include the Casa Amor twist?

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Love Island is one of the most popular reality dating shows.

Does Love Island Australia do Casa Amor?

Although Love Island Australia did feature Casa Amor in previous seasons, it was revealed in 2022 that the popular twist would not take place in Season 4.

Instead, they had ex-week, which stirred drama by, as the name suggests, unexpectedly bringing in the exes of other contestants.

The lack of Casa Amor had mixed reactions from some fans, with some enjoying the change in format, and others missing the highly anticipated twist.

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It’s not clear whether Love Island Australia will bring back Casa Amor at any point, though it certainly seems there are fans who hope for its return.

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