DisguistedToast claims Facebook streaming move was “the right decision” one year on

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Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang’s move to Facebook back in November 2019 took the streaming world by surprise. Now, more than one year on, he believes it was “the right decision,” reassuring fans that he’s there to stay.

DisguisedToast shocked the world and announced he would be streaming exclusively on Facebook more than a year ago. Since then, he’s defended the move on multiple occasions and even claimed it was better than Twitch.

His fans still have concerns about whether it was the right move. However, he talked about them in a recent stream and re-assured fans it was “the right decision.”

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DisguisedToast switched from Twitch to Facebook in late 2019.

“I’m pretty happy on Facebook. I know people meme on it, but being able to listen to music on stream whenever I want, not having to feel competitive with my friends, [and] getting paid a significant amount of money… why would I give that up?” he said. 

Toast also mentioned the fact he’s still getting 10,000 viewers when streaming Among Us on Facebook. Plus, he’s also getting millions of views on his YouTube channel.

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“It’s not like I’m struggling [or] no one remembers who I am.”

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“When I signed with Facebook, I got clowned on by the public. I was like the sandbag of the entire scene. It’s like every hater came out of the woodwork. [But] I’m glad it worked out for me. I think I made the right decision. Well, I know I made the right decision.”

In the end, it seems like the deal was beneficial to both Toast and Facebook. He’s pulling big numbers for them but is also happier than ever.

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And the best part is, he’s still free to hop on Twitch from time to time if he wants to.

He wrapped things up by urging his fans that he knows what he’s doing and to trust him, and based on what we’ve seen, there’s no reason not to.

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