Kaceytron facing multiple social bans amid beef with Dream & Minecraft stans

Dream and Kaceytron dramaDream/Kaceytron

Twitch streamer Kaceytron is facing possible bans across Twitter, Twitch, TikTok and Instagram after Minecraft streamer Dream’s stans have bombarded her with reports.

Earlier in March 2021, Kacey tweeted calling for people to hold their favorite content creators to the same standards they would anyone else.

Kacey also said that they went digging through years-old posts to try and weaponize things she had said against her as a result.

She was, of course, talking about the rabid Minecraft fans that follow creators such as Dream, and while he himself addressed some of the drama, the problems don’t appear to be over for Kaceytron.

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KaceytronTwitter: Kaceytron
Kaceytron has been embroiled in drama with Minecraft stans for a few weeks now.

On April 8, over two weeks since the drama initially kicked off, Kacey is still facing the harsh wrath of the Minecraft community, revealing that she’s being bombarded with reports across all of her social channels. This includes her Instagram account being disabled.

“This mob mentality fandom is unreal,” she said of the “Minecraft stans,” mentioning the level that they are going to to attack her.

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“The MC stans got my Instagram disabled now,” she added. “They also got my TikTok disabled which I was able to appeal. They have been spam reporting my Twitter and Twitch account as well.”

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It seems that these stans are simply mass-reporting all of her individual channels in an attempt to get them shut down.

As they will be receiving hundreds of reports, the pages will be automatically disabled before facing a manual review, so hopefully this won’t end up being permanent.

It’s not yet clear what the outcome will be for Kaceytron, Dream, and all of his stans, but she’ll be hoping the wave of hate ends sooner rather than later.

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