Disguised Toast roasts Twitch viewer over Pokimane dating rumor

. 7 months ago
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Disguised Toast/Pokimane

Twitch star Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang clapped back at a viewer who asked if he was dating fellow OfflineTV member Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys.

Disguised Toast and Pokimane are both founding members of the streamer collaborative group OfflineTV. The two also happen to be quite close friends and put out content online together playing various video games.

When a viewer in his chat shared a false rumor about the two dating, Toast had the perfect comeback.

DisguisedToast streaming on Twitch
Twitch: DisguisedToast
Toast made his return to Twitch on November 24.

Disguised Toast trolls viewer over Pokimane rumor

Toast was streaming on November 30 when a viewer asked in chat, “Toast, I thought you were dating Pokimane?”

He’s has become quite used to this comment, since the pair collaborate so often that it’s become a meme in his channel to ask if he is in a relationship with Pokimane.

After reading the question aloud, he responded: “We broke up. It was really hard, but I couldn’t accept the fact that her ass was bigger than mine.”

He finished with a heavily sarcastic tone, “My ego was too bruised.”

The streamer’s Twitch chat exploded over the hilarity of what were clearly facetious comments. Toast expertly shut down the rumor, one he might be sick of at this point.

Poki laughed at the clip while watching it on stream and said, “I’m really sorry for him too but it is what it is. Losing weight, you gotta take the upside with the downside and some of the downsides are that your ass gets smaller.”

The duo co-host an OfflineTV podcast where Pokimane called her and Disguised Toast the “most dangerous” content creators among the group.

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