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Disguised Toast planning massive $100k Apex Legends event, but with a twist

Published: 30/Nov/2021 16:22 Updated: 2/Dec/2021 21:49

by Alex Garton


Twitch streamer Disguised Toast is planning a huge $100k Apex Legends event but instead of running the typical battle royale format, he’s making it a giant game of hide & seek.

Whether it’s Kings Canyon, Olympus, Worlds Edge, or even the new Storm Point, Apex Legends players are always interested in finding unique vantage points and hiding spots.

While these locations are fun to discover, they’re usually only useful in specific scenarios, like the later stages of a match or as an escape route from an enemy squad.

Well, content creator Disguised Toast is looking to change this and instead make them the main attraction of a special event. Calling out to other popular streamers on Twitter, he’s asked if anyone wants to take part in a $100k Apex Legends hide & seek competition.


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Apex Legends Season 11 launched on November 2.

Disguised Toast wants to host $100k Apex hide & seek event

Typically, an Apex Legends event with a prize pool pits highly-skilled pros or streamers against each other to see which of the squads is best at the battle royale format.

Disguised Toast has decided to break the mold and instead, replace the gunskill with a game of hide & seek. Taking to Twitter on November 28, Toast asked if any streamers were interested in taking part in the hide & seek event.

Although he’s not shared any specific details, Toast’s tweet has certainly generated a lot of excitement and responses from big Twitch personalities.

A range of content creators including Sweet Anita, Nokokopuffs, minx, Snip3down, and even Sykkuno all replied expressing their interest in taking part.


With so many streamers excited to be involved, there’s definitely going to be some competition for the most well-known hiding spots, let’s just hope no one uses the invisible room on Storm Point.

For now, it’s just a case of waiting for Toast to share more details on the event and the specific rules that the game of hide & seek will follow.

Either way, with $100k on the line, you can guarantee Pathfinder, Horizon, and Valkyrie are going to be popular picks for streamers looking to find the number one hiding spot.

Update December 2, 2021: Toast has posted a tweet with a graphic that shows the 16 teams participating in the event.


The event showcases a few bigger names in the streaming world, including the likes of DrLupo, Valkyrae, kkatamina, and Pokimane.