Disguised Toast immediately regrets letting Twitch viewers control his Amazon shopping

Disguised Toast/Twitch

Twitch star Disguised Toast allowed his chat to buy items from Amazon to celebrate the holiday season when one hilarious item made it through that shocked the streamer.

Disguised Toast is a streamer that genuinely enjoys interacting with his viewership.

Since his return to Twitch, he’s hosted a handful of segments that have been centered around his fans. In his latest stunt, he allowed them to pick which items to buy from Amazon, things took a turn when one viewer’s bizarre choice nearly got Toast in deep trouble.

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Toast viewer picks hilarious gift

The Twitch streamer was hosting a “Chat Buys Gifts” segment where viewers could suggest any product under $100 and a bot would select the first result from Amazon to purchase.

Toast had a “Current Poll Results” tracker on the side of the stream, where the submission “sex doll” held a commanding lead amongst the field of gifts.

When the bot selected “sex doll” as the winner an image of the product it chose came up when Toast instantly shouted, “Oh My God, that’s TOS.”

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Disguised Toast, having just returned to Twitch, no doubt wanted to avoid a ban from the platform for displaying the image that certainly goes against the site’s terms of service.

After he cracked up and removed the image, and the entire poll, from the stream.

Thankfully, the streamer didn’t receive a ban for the incident and was able to wrap up the gift-buying segment.

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