Disguised Toast explains why new streamers should avoid Twitch

. 7 months ago
Disguised Toast/Twitch

Twitch and YouTube star Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang released a new video about why he thinks only streaming on Amazon’s platform isn’t a good strategy for aspiring streamers.

There are many avenues that exist to become a popular streamer on Twitch. Some are natural-born entertainers, some are incredible at the games they play, and others are unique content creators.

Disguised Toast, a popular streamer, has helped fellow creators become successful. Streamer Kkatamina recently thanked Toast for helping her grow on the platform.

Following this, he released a YouTube video detailing how other people can achieve the same success.

DisguisedToast streaming on Twitch
Twitch: DisguisedToast
Toast understands what it takes to be a content creator on the internet.

Disguised Toast on avoiding Twitch

On November 28, Toast released a video titled, “this ONE trick will make you a famous streamer…” Throughout, he laid out two major avenues aspiring streamers can go down to become successful and advised against purely streaming on Twitch as their only content output.

“You should never begin your streaming career by making a Twitch account, and just starting to stream. Because you will not get any viewers,” he said. “You guys know how bad the Twitch discovery system is?”

He went on to call the discovery system “s**t,” and said: “If your strategy to becoming a streamer is to just start streaming and pray for the best it won’t work, you would require luck… So I always say if you want to start content creation, specifically streaming, to never start streaming as your first plan of action.”

Toast then laid out the two main ways he thinks are key to becoming a hit on Twitch: The first is to be a good player at the game you broadcast.

The second is to build up a presence on another platform like YouTube, Reddit, and TikTok by creating unique content about the subjects or games you are interested in.

He mentioned that the second avenue is the one he took, and the one he would recommend to most as being a top player in a specific game is incredibly challenging.

“If you want to be a big Twitch streamer, don’t start streaming on Twitch,” he finished. “Start anywhere else with a good algorithm. Find out what’s popular, build an audience there, then eventually transition into streaming once you’ve given people a reason to care about your content. You have to set yourself apart from everyone else.”

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