Disguised Toast explains his trick to avoid playing ads on stream

Emma Hill
Disguised Toast streaming

Popular streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has shared his unique trick to ensure his fans avoid watching advertisements during his streams on Twitch.  

All content creators rely on ads to help with their income. However, they can also prove to be a nuisance for viewers.

Twitch in particular has come under fire for the way previously it displays ads before a creator’s broadcast. In doing so, it can take fans anywhere between 15 seconds to a few minutes before they can view a stream.

However, Disguised Toast has found a way to get around the rules making sure that his fans are entertained throughout his livestreams.

Disguised Toast Twitch screenshot
Disguised Toast shared his way of making sure he hits his ad target while keeping fans entertained.

Disguised Toast reveals smart Twitch ad trick

On July 3, Disguised Toast spoke about his “cringe” trick of how he plays his ads at the end of his stream. However, he explained that there is a smart reason why chooses to do it.

“This is the only way to prevent ads from playing on stream regularly,” he stated. “The way it works is on Twitch you need to hit a certain ad amount per hour. But, if you do like 20 minutes in an hour that means you can do zero minutes for three extra hours.

So, this is what I do. I don’t end the stream. I leave my stream running for like several hours just spamming ads and this way when I stream regularly you guys don’t get ads.”

His “genius” plan was subsequently praised by his viewers who thanked him for the thought, calling him a “man of the people.”

Not only have Twitch viewers voiced their annoyance with the amount of ads on the website, but various streamers have also shared their concerns. Toast’s friend Sykkuno, for instance, fears that it is becoming a growing issue.

There are no doubt numerous other streamers who use similar methods to keep their livestreams as content-fuelled as possible. Although, Toast’s fans were nonetheless very grateful.

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