Did Charli D’Amelio just tease her new music career? Latest Hulu trailer sparks rumors

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Charli teases music career, worries about telling Dixie

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio may have hinted that she’s starting a music career in the latest trailer for the D’Amelio show on Hulu… and she’s worried about telling her big sis, Dixie.

Sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are two of TikTok’s most prominent creators, boasting over 203 million followers combined.

Between the two of them, Charli is the dancer, while Dixie has started up a music career, scoring major features on her songs and even getting to tour with Big Time Rush this summer.

While Charli has continued to put her focus into dancing and TikTok (and is even slated to act in several upcoming horror films), she’s been adamant that music is totally Dixie’s thing… until now.

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio in a YouTube video
Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are the most famous sisters on TikTok.

Charli D’Amelio worries over telling Dixie about possible music career

The next season of The D’Amelio Show is getting ready to drop on Hulu on September 28, and a new trailer was just released where Charli seems to be entertaining the idea of getting into music.

“I want to chase after any dream that I could imagine,” Charli says in the trailer.

“Music is something Charli is interested in doing,” her father, Marc D’Amelio, adds.

“I love performing, but I don’t feel ready to tell Dixie about music just because this was kind of like, her thing,” Charli continues.

Their mother then expresses some worry about telling Dixie about her sister’s new interest, saying that “people are going to compare them” and that she doesn’t “know how she’ll react to us not telling her.”

While it’s unclear when or if Charli will be releasing music anytime soon, this wouldn’t be the first time rumors have flown around about the youngest D’Amelio sister going down this path. Back in 2021, fans were convinced that Charli was trying to step on Dixie’s toes after she joked about rapping on one of her sister’s songs.

“I had like a three-second speaking line in one of her songs that are not even out yet, so how can you guys be mad?” Charli said of the matter. “And I was like, y’all really think I’m going to be rapping? If you really think that I’m going to start my rap career, that’s on you. Who would believe that?”

It’s uncertain how fans will take this latest step in Charli’s career as the former TikTok queen continues to branch out from social media into other avenues.

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