Charli D’Amelio hits out at haters accusing her of copying Dixie’s music career

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Charli and Dixie D’Amelio hit back at people who believed that Charli was stepping on her sister’s territory and starting a music career after she made a joke about rapping on a song. 

Since TikTok burst onto the social media scene in mid-2020, its success has seen the arrival of new stars, with none bigger than the D’Amelio sisters, Charli and Dixie. 

The pair, who have a huge following across all of social media, have expanded way outside of TikTok, with Dixie getting into music – and even had fans calling for her to be nominated for Grammy awards. 

Charli hasn’t quite gotten into music, outside of an upcoming feature on Dixie’s new song that caused some fans to hit out at her for stepping on her sister’s territory. Though, the sisters have cleared the air, with Charli mocking anyone who believed she was getting into rapping in the first place.

dixie and charli damelio on Instagram
Charli and Dixie have seen unrivalled success on TikTok.

During the February 11 episode of their 2Chix podcast, the sisters touched on how some fans took Charli’s joke about stepping into music way out of context, and that they shouldn’t have taken any notice to begin with.

“Charli is not rapping,” Dixie said, before Charli stepped in to explain her side of things. “I made a joke, and people were like ‘wow, Charli has to really like take over everything, why can’t she let Dixie have a music career, now she has to rap?’ 

“I had like a three-second speaking line in one of her songs that are not even out yet, so how can you guys be mad?,” Charli added. “And I was like, y’all really think I’m going to be rapping? If you really think that I’m going to start my rap career, that’s on you. Who would believe that?” 

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Of course, it’ll come as a blow to any fans who may have been excited to hear Charli step into the music game, but as she says, it wasn’t to be believed in the first place as it’s only a tiny cameo. 

Who knows, it might happen in the future, and the sister might drop a proper duet together. Though, it’s unlikely to come in the form of a rap hit.

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