Delivery driver’s rant at non-tipping shoppers goes viral after ignoring 43-item order

Connor Bennett
TikTok looking to camera alongside screenshot of delivery order

A delivery driver has gone semi-viral on TikTok by urging others to not take shopping deliveries if there are no tips involved – especially if its a massive order.

TikTok has become so big these days that pretty much every corner of the internet and interest is covered in some shape. 

One of the most popular sub-genres that has been popping off in recent weeks and months has revolved around delivery drivers. Some drivers have sprung to internet fame for not delivering orders to ungrateful customers, while others have argued with robots who are doing deliveries. Yes, seriously. 

Well, TikToker jamesandleondra has gone semi-viral for his call to arms to fellow InstaCart delivery drivers, urging them not to take orders without a tip – after he was asked to deliver 43 items for no bonus. 

TikTok delivery driver urges others to ignore deliveries with no tip

That’s right, the TikToker’s clip has picked up steam over the last few weeks after he revealed he was asked to deliver 43 items without any tip from the customer involved. 

“They want 43 items, no tip. Good luck with that,” the TikToker started off saying before delving deeper into their “call to arms” to InstaCart shoppers.

“I’ve been saying batch after batch of orders with no tip. If you order one thing with no tip, I get it, but when someone orders 43 items with no tip and it’s 6 degrees outside on a 10-mile round trip?,” he added, urging fellow shoppers just to ignore orders without tips for the foreseeable future. “Don’t take orders with no tip, don’t.”

Plenty of commenters agreed with the sentiment too. “My motto is no tip, no trip,” said one. “I don’t take ‘em either. They sit out there for a long time too,” another agreed. “BuT ThEy WiLl TiP AfTeR. If the tip isn’t added at the start it’s NEVER ADDED!!” added another. 

Some suggested that they’d like to tip in cash, but that isn’t an option, which causes some headaches for everyone involved.