DoorDash driver divides viewers as he confronts customers who don’t tip

DoorDash driver divides viewers as he confronts customers who don’t tipTIKTOK: dashingtrader

A DoorDash driver left viewers divided on TikTok after he recorded himself confronting customers for not tipping.

In a viral video with 810,000 views, the driver shared a compilation of him confronting customers.

In the first clip, he delivered to a woman in an office. Before handing her the order, he stopped and asked her if she had ever heard of “no tip, no trip.”

“How much is the tip on this order?” he asked. The woman’s response was cut out. “Yeah, that ain’t enough when it’s zero degrees outside, and it’s icy, and I gotta drive my car and wait for it,” he said.

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Another clip showed a different customer. In it, the driver asked why the customer didn’t leave a tip on the order. The customer claimed that he left a $2 tip, but the driver disagreed.

“[The delivery payout] showed up as two-fifty and that usually means there’s no tip on there,” the Dasher explained.

In a series of subsequent clips, the driver continued to ask customers if they had heard of “no tip, no trip.” He captioned his video: “Multiple CLOWN Encounters!”

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In the comments, many TikTok users slammed the delivery driver, and thought he was acting ‘entitled.’

“If someone said this to me… The entitlement is crazy,” one user wrote. “Bro is mad he’s gotta do a job he signed up for,” another added.

“This dude is really harassing customers. These customers are the reason you have this side hustle in the first place smh,” a third wrote.

There were a few users that praised the driver for calling out the customers.

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“‘No tip no trip!’ Food delivery drivers are clowning everyone out there [clapping hands emoji],” one user commented. “I love this EXPOSE them!” another wrote.

Others noted that most customers tip after they receive their orders.

“Pre-tipping is an interesting concept,” one shared. “I tip after they do their job,” another said.

“Why would you receive a tip before delivery is done? You don’t tip a restaurant before eating,” a third commented.

This isn’t the first time a DoorDash driver’s gone viral on TikTok, after another one recorded himself eating a customer’s food because they left a $1 tip.

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