DoorDasher goes viral for refusing to deliver to non-tipping customers: “No tip, no trip”

Kawter Abed
DoorDasher shows orders piled up on restaurant counter: “No tip, no trip”

A DoorDash driver left viewers divided on TikTok, after showing piles of no-tip orders sitting on restaurant shelving.

The trend of “no tip, no trip” among delivery drivers on TikTok continues to grow, as they often remind viewers that to have their orders actually delivered, they must tip them.

Content creator and DoorDasher Franco (doortrashfranco), shared a 12-second clip on the app, showing several bags of orders from a Mendocino Farms location.

The Dasher allegedly didn’t want to pick them up, because he wasn’t tipped on the orders.

“Look at all these orders. Look at this,” Franco said in the video, which has amassed over 108,000 views. “No tip, no trip. Mandatory.”

In the caption of his video, he added the hashtags #doortrash #notipnotrip #trashbag #notipstoday.

TikTok divided over undelivered orders for non-tipping customers

TikTok users had mixed reactions in the comments, with some agreeing with Franco, saying that tipping was essential when ordering from food delivery apps.

“I always tip my Dasher well period! Always get my orders timely too,” one user commented.

“People don’t realize if you don’t tip, the driver is PAYING to deliver your order! Tip is so important,” another said.

“My daughter works for DoorDash and she gets paid like $2.00 per hour so her salary is based off of tips. Also, rate your driver if you can!” a third shared.

Others, however, disagreed with the DoorDash driver’s logic of “no tip, no trip.”

“But what if they tip cash in person? That’s crazy to keep their order after they paid for it,” one wrote.

“When these people start demanding tips all the time I’m just going to stop tipping in general,” another added.

This isn’t the first time a DoorDasher has gone viral for calling out non-tippers. Earlier this month, another driver sparked a debate after confronting customers who didn’t tip.

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