DoorDash driver slams non-tipping customer’s order against the door in viral video

Kawter Abed
DoorDash driver slamming non-tipping customer’s order against their door

A DoorDash driver went viral on TikTok after being caught slamming a non-tipping customer’s order against their door.

In a 10-second clip recorded by a doorbell video camera, the DoorDasher can be seen looking at her phone while approaching the customer’s door.

The frustrated delivery then stopped and threw the food order directly at their door with full force, accidentally breaking her bracelet while doing so. A graphic from the Wii Bowling video game, showing a “Strike” text box comically popped up on the screen.

“When your DoorDash driver doesn’t like the tip and decides to throw your food at the door,” a text over the video read. “Tip your drivers!”

The TikTok video went viral with over 3 million views and 109,000 likes. Many content creators duetted and reacted to it, asking viewers what they thought of the driver mistreating the customer’s food.

TikTok reacts to DoorDasher togging order at customer’s door

While the comments of the original clip are turned off, TikTok users expressed their thoughts under re-uploaded videos. Many condemned the driver for how she handled the customer’s order.

“Even if they didn’t tip what gives her the right to act like that? So entitled,” one user wrote. “I get it, a bad tip sucks, but don’t take the order if it’s that bad,” another added.

“This is crazy! I like to tip in cash, don’t do my food like that. If you don’t like your job, QUIT,” a third said.

Others sided with the driver, saying customers shouldn’t place orders if they don’t want to tip. “Well here in the US tipping is required. If you don’t want to tip, use your gas and get your food,” one commented.

“They aren’t bringing your food for free! If you don’t like to tip get your own food. Gas is high and that’s their time,” another argued.

This is just the latest DoorDash-related video to take off on TikTok, after a customer’s delivery driver asked her to pay for his gas, sparking a debate.