TikToker beefing with Uber Eats delivery robots goes viral

Uber Eats delivery robots up close and on the roadTikTok: Film The Robots LA

A TikToker has started going viral as he’s been documenting his arguments with robots that deliver for Uber Eats in Los Angeles, and users aren’t quite sure what to think. 

With TikTok becoming such a big part of people’s social media routines, thousands upon thousands of videos have the chance to go viral and hit the mainstream. 

If there’s one sub-genre that users are obsessed with, it’s the one that revolves around deliveries – be it food or Amazon packages. Clashes between delivery drivers and customers, warehouse staff showing off hacks, and everything in-between has gone viral at one point or another on TikTok. 

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Now, a spin on the genre has been taking off and filling up users For You pages, as one TikToker has been getting into arguments with delivery robots. Yes, that’s right, delivery robots. 

Film The Robots LA TikToker goes viral fighting with Uber Eats robots

It comes from the aptly named Film The Robots LA, an account dedicated to watching the delivery robots that work for the likes of Uber Eats around Los Angeles. 

Some clips from the account have gone pretty viral recently, with one getting over 5.2 million views. In that, the TikToker can be seen stopping one of the robots in its path and urging it to turn its light on. Of course, the robot doesn’t respond to his command and goes about its delivery, even interacting with another robot. 

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“These robots are becoming a public nuisance. When they aren’t breaking the law, they’re always in the way,” he captioned the clip. 

Other clips have attracted over 1 million views, as users have been pretty split on the videos. Some simply can’t believe the man is arguing with robots. 

“Bro gonna regret this in future when Nolan gonna come back with his army,” one joked. “Bro give ’em a break they not programmed with common sense,” added another. “Dawg leave ’em alone,” commented another. 

Some users have said that the account is quickly becoming their favorite on TikTok as they “love” the videos. Though, they might just be trying to get ahead of the robot uprising as well.

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