Delivery driver sparks debate after ruining customer’s Wendy’s order for not tipping

delivery driver ruins wendy's orderTikTok/cetind

A DoorDash driver has divided the internet after he posted a TikTok ruining a customer’s Wendy’s order, because he didn’t receive a tip.

Delivery drivers are no strangers to stirring up debate online in the TikTok age and for good reason given how so many people can relate having used Uber, PostMates, and other apps.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen numerous instances of drivers going the extra mile to deliver in a storm and even confronting customers, but now one has taken things a bit too far by ruining an order.

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In a video that’s resulted in some serious backlash, TikTok user ‘cetind’ uploaded a video where he ruined a Wendy’s order all because of a zero-dollar tip.

Delivery man shows how he ruins orders when there’s no tip

The TikToker’s method for ruining an order is actually quite simple and avoids any obvious signs of contamination.

By turning the air conditioning on full blast downwards and putting the order on the floor under the passenger’s seat, he can effectively turn the piping hot food into a revenge dish best-served cold.

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In the comments, viewers slammed the driver for his actions and pondered why he even decides to do DoorDash to begin with.

“It’s so odd how this new generation thinks tipping comes before the service,” commented one user.

“You waste an extra $3 in gas for the AC and they can just pop it in the air fryer,” another remarked.

Although some agreed that the drivers should have been tipped, plenty of viewers explained how they would just request a refund if that happened to them, so ruining orders was completely meaningless.

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So far, the driver hasn’t posted a follow-up video, but if you end up getting a cold Wendy’s order in near future, this might be the reason why.