Wendy’s worker agrees to fight customer after order goes wrong

TikTok Wendy's fightTikTok: wesdewayne254

In a viral TikTok, a Wendy’s worker casually agreed to a fight with a customer after the customer challenged them for getting his order incorrect.

Rude and aggressive customers are nothing new in the fast food industry. These cheap and fast restaurants are often the setting for heated arguments between dissatisfied customers and the workers, which often become viral gold mines for TikTok.

In a TikTok video uploaded on November 20, one customer’s complaint at a local Wendy’s escalated into a fight challenge, which the worker casually accepted.

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Customer challenges Wendy’s employee to a fight

The video begins with the customer’s rant. “Ya’ll fu**ed my order up, I oughta smack the fu** out of all of ya’ll. Ya’ll line up, so I can smack the fu** out of all of ya’ll,” the customer threatened.

“I’ll meet you out at eight,” the Wendy’s worker calmly replied, unphased by the threat of violence and seemingly ready to catch them hands.

TikTokers are loving the video, laughing at the hilarity of the worker’s instant reply. “Eight? Oh she was about to whoop you,” one user commented. “She made arrangements like it was protocol,” another added.

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The TikToker who created the video, wesdewayne254, also made another video with a very similar premise. But instead of complaining and calling workers out at Wendy’s, the content creator targeted KFC.

The KFC challenge was met with complete confusion from the manager, who didn’t appear to want any complications.

It appears the TikToker makes these video as jokes, and has no actual intent to slap every worker at fast food restaurants. But the viewers think it’s only a matter of time until he challenges the wrong worker, and ends up in a sticky situation he can’t back out of.

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