Deji calls out Justin Bieber & Liam Payne after Floyd Mayweather boxing match

justin bieber deji boxing

Following his exhibition main event against 50-0 boxer Floyd Mayweather, YouTuber star Deji set his sights on Justin Bieber and Liam Payne, calling on them both to step into the ring.

It’s not uncommon for boxers to be asked who they want to take on next at the end of their fights. But where professional boxers will call out title holders, rivals, or wave makers; influencer boxers tend to take shots at whoever carries the most clout.

History seemingly repeated itself after Floyd Mayweather danced his way to victory over the YouTuber Deji. Even after fighting one of the greatest boxers to ever step into the ring, Deji chose to rattle off a few names of celebrities who hadn’t shown an interest in boxing beforehand.

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This isn’t the first time Deji has taken a chance at calling out big names only to hear no response. In early October, Deji stated his dream fight would be against pop megastar Justin Bieber, and he would later double down on this challenge in an interview leading up to the Mayweather fight.

Deji challenges Justin Bieber again, along with Liam Payne

Deji’s exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather was anything but pretty. Floyd started the match knowing he could finish it at any time and treated it more like a play date rather than an actual fight. This was proven in the sixth round when the referee stopped the fight early due to Deji’s inability to compete with one of the greatest.

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Regardless, Deji was still given the opportunity to call out future opponents following the match. And he once again had Bieber on the brain, calling out the Canadian popstar to a fight. However, he also threw former One Direction member Liam Payne into the mix this time.

When Deji was asked what he wants to do next in the world of combat sports, he responded, “I want to keep fighting. I wouldn’t mind fighting Justin Bieber. Liam Payne. Anyone who wants it, really. I want all the smoke.”

Justin Bieber has yet to acknowledge any of Deji’s three challenges, and Liam hasn’t said anything regarding call out. We will keep readers updated if and when the Beebs and Payne respond.

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