Deji reacts to Logan Paul’s boxing challenge for KSI vs Jake undercard

Deji reacts to Logan Paul boxing challengeYouTube: RIL & WILLS, IMPAULSIVE

YouTube star Deji has given his response after Logan Paul said he’d be willing to fight him on the undercard of KSI and Jake Paul’s boxing match — if it ever happens.

Deji is taking the influencer-boxing world by storm after securing an exhibition match against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather for November.

This marks Mayweather’s second major influencer-boxing match following his bout with Logan Paul last year — and Logan is taking notice of this development.

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In fact, the elder Paul brother said he’d be “absolutely” willing to fight Deji on the undercard of Jake Paul vs KSI, a bout that still has yet to be confirmed despite both parties seeming to agree to a 2023 bout.

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Deji finally reacted to Logan’s comment during an episode of the RIL & WILLS podcast, where he seemed shocked by the challenge and unsure he would come out on top due to the sheer size difference between them.

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Deji reacts to Logan Paul claiming he’d “absolutely” fight him

“You wanna give him something?” co-host Leon Wills asked.

“He’s long though, isn’t it?” Deji replied.

“Did you know Logan Paul said he wants to fight me?” Deji asked the hosts. “I heard that today.”

“He can’t cut weight. He can’t get lower than ninety (kg),” Wills interjected.

“He’s too big,” Vidal Riley said. “He shouldn’t be saying that to you. …just keep chilling with JJ.”

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Unfortunately, Deji didn’t give any other comments on the situation, but he was advised to steer clear.

Deji says he would box Bryce Hall and Justin Bieber

That being said, he also gave his thoughts on his “dream” boxing card — and says he would pick KSI vs Jake Paul as the main event, while he would fight Bryce Hall and even Justin Bieber, if possible.

For now, it’s unclear when (or if) KSI and Jake Paul will touch gloves — but fans have plenty to look forward to in the interim as Jake gears up for his bout against Anderson Silva in October.

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