Deji challenges Justin Bieber to boxing match and says he would “KO” him

Deji challenges Justin Bieber to boxing matchYouTube: Good Morning America, InsideFighting

YouTube star Deji Olatunji has officially called out pop icon Justin Bieber to a boxing match — and even predicted he’d knockout the music artist in the ring.

Deji is rocking the world of influencer boxing, becoming the second major content creator to take on the undefeated Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in the ring this November.

This marks his fifth boxing match. Deji’s record currently sits at 1-3, with the YouTuber scoring his first victory over Fouseytube on August 27 to mass appeal from fans.

With his biggest fight ever on the way, Deji is already setting his sights even higher… and he’s got a pretty prominent opponent in his sights, should everything work out.

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In a recent interview, Deji admitted that his dream boxing card would see the appearance of Justin Bieber. While he’s best known for his music career, Bieber has been using boxing as a way to maintain his fitness for some time, even being trained by Mayweather as far back as 2014.

Deji says he’d KO Justin Bieber in boxing match

Deji doubled down on this ambitious take in another recent interview with Inside Fighting, where he directly called out Justin Bieber for a boxing match and even said he’d “KO” the pop star if the two ever meet in the ring.

“That’d be fun,” Deji said of the possibility. “Yeah, I’ll fight Bieber.”

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“How does that fight end? By KO?” the interviewer asked.

“Yeah,” Deji answered.

“What’s your message to Bieber, if he’s watching this?”

“Fight me,” the YouTuber challenged.

It’s currently unclear if Bieber will ever take up Deji on his offer, but he’s been somewhat involved in the influencer-boxing scene beforehand. In fact, he was a VIP for the famous rematch between Logan Paul and KSI back in 2019, and even backed the older Paul brother with a brutal message to KSI.

This prompted a little one-sided rivalry between KSI and Bieber, with the British YouTuber saying he’d “destroy” the singer in a boxing match. Considering Bieber’s current battle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, it’s unclear if we’ll ever see him take part in the influencer-boxing beef… but it’s clear that Deji isn’t backing down from his “dream” fight.

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