David Dobrik teases vlog with Justin Bieber outside UCLA

David Dobrik, Justin Bieber - Instagram

YouTube star David Dobrik and Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber were seen filming together outside of the University of California, Los Angeles, hinting at yet another outrageous vlog for the future.

Known for his insanely popular vlogs, David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s top content creators, boasting over 15 million subscribers on the platform, and a slew of high-profile connections like Howie Mandell and Kylie Jenner.

However, looks like the vlogger’s content is getting yet another major celebrity appearance, as the social media star was seen filming with none other than Justin Bieber outside of UCLA in early January.

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Several photos and videos taken at the scene show Bieber posting up outside a vehicle, speaking with fans and encouraging them to sing his new single, “Yummy,” as he danced along before hopping inside the car.

Other photos show the two embracing in a quick hug — and although these glimpses are brief, sources claim that this new video could be one of Dobrik’s “surprising fans” videos.

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Justin Bieber fan group “Justin Bieber Crew” claimed that the vlogger invited a fan into his Tesla to ask their opinion on the singer, before Bieber made his presence known from the backseat, much in the style of Dobrik’s viral 2019 video starring Kylie Jenner.

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The Bieber crew likewise posted screenshots from an alleged SnapChat conversation between two supposed UCLA students, with one user claiming that the vlog took place just outside of a sorority house near the University.

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Although there’s no confirmation on whether or not these statements are true, a photo from the group shows Bieber and a fan in what appears to be Dobrik’s Tesla, further fanning the flames of fan speculation that this could be one of the YouTuber’s biggest collaborations to date.

For now, all viewers can do is wait with bated breath for the release of Dobrik’s exciting new vlog, whatever it may be — a possibility that seems to overshadow the recent dating rumors surrounding him and Tana Mongeau, which have since been heartily debunked by both parties.

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