Amouranth kicked out of store for French maid outfit during IRL stream

Twitch: Amouranth

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa decided to take her IRL broadcast to the next level and literally went to stores such as IKEA and Walmart and “cleaned” them while wearing a French maid costume, but unfortunately for her, one shop wasn’t having it.

Amouranth can mostly be found in the Just Chatting section of Twitch, where she partakes in many different activities such as dancing, cosplay, and in-real-life streams.

One such broadcast on January 10, however, saw the 26-year-old head to multiple shops in a French maid outfit and attempt to “clean” them with a black feather duster – something that ended up getting her kicked out of one.

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Amouranth’s bizarre IRL stream

The model headed to home retail store Bed Bath & Beyond after going to both Walmart and IKEA, and headed straight for the bedding section. 

There, she started trolling a customer who was trying to look at pillows by bending over in front of her and using the duster to “clean” the shelves.

This caused the lady to walk into another aisle, to which Amouranth turned towards the camera and laughed, clearly amused that she’d caused the woman to walk away.

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The professional cosplayer was then confronted by an employee who accused her of “soliciting” in the home appliance shop. “What are you doing?” the worker asked. “I’m cleaning!” the streamer answered.

“I know, but what are you doing though? I hope you’re not soliciting. Yeah, you can’t do that in this store,” the employee replied. “Okay! No worries!” Amouranth said politely, before she turned towards the exit.

“It almost sounded like she was about to say soliciting,” the girl behind the camera said. “Soliciting?” the model replied. “No, I’m not soliciting. She did sound like soliciting!”

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Before her Bed Bath & Beyond escapade, Amouranth went to Walmart first, where she made a beeline for the seasonal Valentine’s Day section. 

Hilariously, along the way, an employee walked past her and mouthed “…Okay?” in shock at what he’d just witnessed.

After he’d gone, the streamer turned around, and the person behind her streaming camera could be heard laughing at the man’s stunned reaction.

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She then ended up at IKEA, where she headed to one of the living room showrooms and started to “clean” again with her feather duster.

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Suddenly, a loud bang caused her to jump out of fright. “Oolala!” the Texas-born streamer exclaimed. “That was loud! Oh no!”

Employees started to walk past, so she deliberately turned towards a table and began cleaning it to see if they’d react – but sadly for her, they didn’t.

Amouranth has proven to be an extremely popular personality on Twitch, as she’s accumulated almost 1.3 million followers at this time of writing.

She’s also gained 1.7 million followers over on her Instagram page, where she uploads selfies and outfit-of-the-days.

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