David Dobrik surprises fan’s dad during impromptu trip

Superstar YouTuber David Dobrik surprised one of his older fans with an impromptu house call that shocked their entire family.

The Vlog Squad member has a massive audience, boasting over 15 million subscribers on YouTube alone, and it turns out that his viewership features people of all ages.

One particular viewer explained to Dobrik that her dad was a huge fan of his and was always asking about the latest video that’s been uploaded.

david dobrikInstagram: daviddobrik
David Dobrik is one of the most popular YouTubers.

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“So, since I’ve been home from college on winter break, every night my dad has come to me to watch a random David Dobrik vlog,” she explained.

That’s when she decided to work something out with the YouTuber – to get him to show up at her house to surprise her unsuspecting dad.

This led to Dobrik flying all the way out to New Jersey to surprise the whole family. Like she said in the now-viral TikTok video, her father was much more excited to see him than she was.

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The family took a few pictures with the former Vine star and then sat down on the couch together to watch some of his old vlogs. This type of opportunity doesn’t present itself very often so it’s good to see the household was able to take complete advantage of it.

Acts like this are just one of the many reasons Dobrik’s popularity has skyrocketed. He’s also known for making wild videos that feature him doing a variety of wacky things like making Teslas fly or performing basketball trick shots with a jetpack.

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david dobrik justin bieberYouTube: David Dobrik
No, Justin Bieber didn’t show up on the house call.

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When he’s not making literal house calls like this,  he can often be seen handing out obscene amounts of cash to throngs of fans that chase him around whenever he’s spotted in public.

His philanthropy is also well-documented. While not at the insane levels of fellow YouTuber superstar MrBeast, Dobrik does more than his fair share of helping others out, such as when he gave $10,000 to a lucky college student to help with the cost of her studies.

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Considering how fast his popularity continues to rise among the YouTube ranks, who knows what other surprises David has up his sleeve.

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