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The Mob stunned after Mr Beast gatecrashes new 100 Thieves facility

Published: 29/Jan/2020 6:25 Updated: 29/Jan/2020 9:41

by Andrew Amos


Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has surprised 100 ThievesThe Mob on January 28, stopping by the organization’s new compound to gatecrash their broadcasts.

100 Thieves’ new facility in Los Angeles is fully decked out with top-of-the-line streaming equipment that their many personalities use on a daily basis. It’s gotten wide-spread media attention, and a huge launch party saw some of the biggest names in gaming rock up to celebrate on January 22.

Such a big organization has a few famous names walk through the doors, from Hollywood stars to sporting greats. However, it was the arrival of MrBeast that shocked The Mob the most, as the YouTuber gatecrashed their streams on January 28 to get to know them a bit better.


MrBeast appearing on Froste Twitch stream
Twitch: Froste
MrBeast stopped by the 100 Thieves compound on January 28, and even made a guest appearance on a few streams.

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Nadeshot was taking the philanthropic YouTuber for a tour around the new facility when he stopped by Froste, Avalanche, and Classify’s new rooms to give MrBeast a chance to meet The Mob.

As he interrupted their broadcasts, the streamers couldn’t believe who was standing in the doorway waiting to have a chat. Avalance and Froste were playing Until Dawn together when MrBeast walked in, with the duo left speechless in their seats

“Wait, wait,” Avalanche said, stuttering in shock. “I am so confused right now. Hey guys, it’s MrBeast, let’s go! I don’t even know what to say, I’m kinda shocked right now.”


That was more than what Froste could muster, managing to mutter “What the f**k” a few times over.

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Froste and Avalanche looked around a bit confused, and Nadeshot was feeling a bit overwhelmed by their reactions. “I was just hanging out with Nadeshot and we saw you guys streaming,” he said. “I wish my girlfriend reacted like this.”

On his way out he took a momento to remind him of his visit, nabbing a packet of food off the desk.

Next on the list was Classify. He pledged that he wasn’t going to leave the compound until he got a solo’s win in Fortnite, and he was lucky that it took him a few hours to do so.


MrBeast rolled around two hours into Classify’s quest to get a Victory Royale, but for the streamer, meeting the YouTuber was the only win he needed. “Oh f**k man,” he screamed.

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MrBeast wasn’t quite sure who he was catching up with though, although he correctly identified Classify by his Twitter picture. “What’s up! You’re the one with the cat profile picture right? I see your tweets all the time. I kind of appreciate them, you should tweet me a meme every day.”

Just as quickly as he arrived, MrBeast left, with Classify giving himself a minute to take it all in. “What the f**k just happened,” he said, eyes dashing across his webcam in shock.


The fourth member of The Mob, Mako, wasn’t left out of the fun either. While the popular FIFA streamer wasn’t online at the time, he tweeted at MrBeast in hopes of getting a car for four dollars.

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MrBeast asked for a bit more though, saying that if he could up it to five dollars, they “had a deal.”

After all was said and done, The Mob went back to streaming while MrBeast and Nadeshot headed out to dinner together. Now that the YouTuber has gotten his bearing around the new facility, there might be a small chance we could see him collaborate with Nadeshot for 100 Thieves content down the line.