Elon Musk responds to David Dobrik’s epic ‘flying’ Tesla stunt

PewDiePie/David Dobrik (YouTube)

SpaceX and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, was left in disbelief after YouTube star David Dobrik pulled a stunt with his Model X that sent it flying over a speed bump in a Los Angeles suburb.

David Dobrik’s popularity on YouTube and social media has snowballed of-late. Mostly known for his generosity and comedic antics, millions tune-in to his vlogs in a bid to keep-up with his crazy lifestyle. 

Dobrik often rolls around in his Model X as the designated driver for the Vlog Squad, but in his January 28 upload, he put Elon Musk’s flagship car to the test.

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David Dobrik with Kylie Jenner.David Dobrik (YouTube)
Dobrik’s car has welcomed plenty of familiar faces over the years.

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The flying Tesla challenge?

After watching Instagram stars, josh_ofthe_jungle and nickpasquale1919, fly over a speed bump on their motorbikes, the 23-year-old was urged not to let them mimic their efforts in David’s Tesla by Suzy. 

Despite being warned off, David allowed the pair to ramp his vehicle over a speed bump as Suzy, Natalie and Jason watched on in disbelief. 

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Elon’s reaction says it all…

David’s escapade caught the attention of Elon Musk on Twitter, who simply responded with an exclamation mark, to signal his utter surprise. 

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The 23-year-old YouTube sensation responded with: “Does this mean my warranty is cancelled?” in a witty clap, sent back to the shocked Tesla CEO. 

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Dobrik casually went on to gift $10,000 to one lucky college student, alongside $25,000 to his Suzy’s Mom for her birthday.

While Elon might not have been too impressed with David’s impromptu Tesla stunt, it will have done wonders for advertising the Model X’s safety features. 

Considering the takeoff and landing, perhaps it could even give SpaceX’s Starship a run for its money?

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