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David Dobrik gives up on home aquarium after learning of crazy costs

Published: 2/Nov/2020 11:26 Updated: 2/Nov/2020 12:02

by Jacob Hale


YouTube sensation David Dobrik has revealed his desire to get a home aquarium in his new mansion — but had to give up hope after learning of the crazy costs involved.

In August, Dobrik bought an incredible $9.5 million mansion in the hills of Los Angeles, somehow even bigger and better than his current home, though it doesn’t seem like he’s moved into it yet based on the video he recently filmed with Borat.

There may be a valid reason for the delay in Dobrik’s move. Besides the ongoing global health situation, he may be waiting to get the house built to perfection, including an aquarium.


During an episode of the VIEWS podcast, David revealed his plans for the aquarium, which was priced up at around half a million dollars — not including the massive monthly maintenance fees.

Dobrik’s new house is already insane enough, but an aquarium would take it up a level.

At the very start of the podcast, David explained that he recently visited a home that had a huge aquarium in it and was instantly inspired, seeking out a similar option for his new home.

So, as any rich early-20s YouTube star would, he immediately sought out someone to price up what he wanted, and was mindblown by the cost.

For a full floor-to-ceiling aquarium in his new home, including plenty of exotic fish (the idea of keeping an octopus even coming up), David said the man he spoke to laughed at him before revealing the ludicrous $500,000 cost, plus an extra $4-5k monthly maintenance cost to clean the tank.


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Prior to finding out, David said he expected the aquarium would cost around $85,000, which would probably be an acceptable price for him, but admits defeat at the huge cost he’s actually given.

He did, though, say that the fish are “pretty cheap,” at around $10,000, and it’s mainly actually the installation of the aquarium that would be the real cost.

Needless to say, David gave up on that dream pretty quickly — though maybe we’ll see him with a slightly smaller, less expensive aquarium when he starts creating content in the new house.