David Dobrik’s vlog returns as Borat smashes up his Tesla

Theo Salaun
david dobrik borat vlog

In a crossover nobody saw coming, David Dobrik united with Sacha Baron Cohen to film a surprise return vlog in which Borat visited the Vlog Squad founder for a day full of outlandish behavior and Los Angeles culture shocks.

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With Borat, nothing is surreptitious and the iconic Kazakh filmmaker’s entrance to Dobrik’s newest vlog was no exception. Rolling into the estate in a large truck, much like the one popularized by traveling ice cream salesmen and postal workers, Borat’s driving proved to be as difficult to restrain as his unfiltered dialogue.

Fewer than 30 seconds into the highly anticipated return vlog, the legendary, mustachioed auteur had smashed through the YouTuber’s Tesla’s door. But, as one would expect from this collision of content creators, the expensive vehicle’s mutilation was not the last of the vlog’s material casualties. 

It’s about a six-minute video in total but filled to the brim with obnoxious content for a tremendous resumption of content following a significant hiatus in which Dobrik didn’t post a real video for over five months.

The original Borat film came out in 2006 and, 14 years later, the Kazakh reporter returns with a sequel scheduled for October 23, 2020. In the first movie, he was popularly infatuated with an American entertainment icon, Pamela Anderson.

Now, it appears that he has become interested in another media superstar: David Dobrik. Or, as Borat calls him: “Dubrovnik.”

Although things started off poorly, with a first impression marked by a smashed vehicle, Borat quickly tried to remedy the new relationship by making an effort to fix the $150,000 car before settling on presenting gifts. Among those gifts, a variety of raw meats offered from a small, leather duffle bag, Dobrik and friends seemed most intrigued by the pangolin.

borat gift movie
Unlike the gift seen in promos for the Borat sequel, Dobrik was offered a selection of raw, exotic meats.

Things then proceeded pleasantly, aside from a close call involving a female friend of the channel and some perhaps unsavory assumptions from Borat. But, with that shower jump scare narrowly avoided, the group moved on to the Los Angeles streets for a surprisingly wholesome guided tour.

At one point, the gray-suited character was excited by seeing someone in a mouse costume, prompting David to explain that “it’s Minnie Mouse!” Unsurprisingly, he quickly shut down what he believed are lies from his new tour guide: “No, it is big.”

After such a long period away from producing vlogs, this was quite the return, albeit a costly one. Still, despite ruining Dobrik’s Tesla and his gumball machine, the exchange of cultures was ultimately a jovial one and continued proof that crossover content is quality content.